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" Robotics Days, IS BACK FOR ITS 2TH EDITION UNDER THE THEME: Smart care: The revolution of human abilities


The Robotics club is again organizing its event this year in its second edition (Robotics Days) on April 1, 2 at ENSIAS Rabat.


This event aims first and foremost to bring together people from academics and professional circles as well as computer security enthusiasts each year to enable them to share their knowledge, the most recent techniques and news in the field of technology. Conferences and workshops take place first to enrich participants' knowledge of the robotics word.

This year's theme, "Smart care: The revolution of human abilities," focuses on the transformative potential of robotics and AI in the healthcare industry. The use of advanced medical technology can improve healthcare options and measures to solve the most important health problems facing patients today. Additionally, this theme highlights the importance of accessibility to new technologies for people with disabilities. As we enter the digital era, access to technology is becoming increasingly crucial for those with physical or mental disabilities. Robotics and AI can provide valuable technical assistance to people with disabilities, making it easier for them to integrate, understand, and interact with the world around them. This event will explore the endless possibilities of smart care and revolutionize human abilities, including improving the lives of people with disabilities.

In this context, we known for our creativity, innovative ideas, and humanistic thinking, aims to organize a hackathon under the theme "Smart care: The revolution of human abilities." This event offers an opportunity for every student to use their agile and adaptive skills to develop projects that demonstrate how intelligent medicine, with the help of robotics, can serve people with disabilities and contribute to the well-being and evolution of humanity. Join us at Robotics Days v2 to explore the endless possibilities of smart care and revolutionize human abilities!  "

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02 avril 2023

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